Cool Stuff

    • Crash course on Machine Learning by Google, nice content that is relevant to all practitioners. (was good to brush up some concepts and learn some new)
  • Precious Plastic: Open Source designs of machines that can help recycle plastic.

  • Namati: An organization that is creating a global network of grassroot legal advocates for bringing justice for all.
  • Mom’s blog about Indian home food recipes..  Her love for cooking blended with her love of writing.. 🙂  [The content is primarily in Gujarati and we are translating it to many many languages.. We eventually want to create a multi-lingual home cuisine sharing platform on the web.. 🙂 ]
  • Wings of Fire: Autobiography of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a space scientist.. and more importantly, a beloved teacher, erstwhile President, and a great inspiration to a lot of people.. A beautiful book about the thoughts and experiences of a beautiful mind! 🙂

  • Prof. Chris Bishop’s Christmas Lecture Series at Royal Institution, 2008. Amazing lectures on basic to advanced concepts of Computing taught in truly captivating way. There you go!  =)
  • DUOLINGO : The best way to learn a new language and simultaneously translating the web into more languages! Super addictive! 😀  Wishthe interface would soon include a lot more languages including Indian languages.. 🙂
        • GETTING STARTED IN ELECTRONICS by Forrest Mims    One amazingly amazing book intuitive guide for all newbies in Electronics.  Highly recommended reading.  <I wish I stumbled upon this book early on!>
  • Prof. Arvind gupta’s toy lab, IUCAA,  Pune
  • for trekkers in India..  YHAI!
  • an Amazing initiative by IITs & IISc, for improving technical education by video & web courses, all Free! NPTEL

cool product :    Sugru!                play n learn  :  LittleBits

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