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Lake Constance and around

After a long interval, there was a little bit of travel a month ago..  happened to be around the region around Lake Constance in Austria and Germany. The entire region is quite beautiful, especially it was Spring then, when everything comes to life. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Belgium

A few weekends ago, I was in Belgium with some friends. It was our first visit in the country though we study not too far from there. We visited 3 places; the capital Brussels and two other towns, Ghent & … Continue reading

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Venice trip

July was a month of some travel and we were in Venice too for a day. During my first trip there, I missed out the visit to the neighboring Island of Murano and its glass factories. This time as soon as we … Continue reading

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things I miss about India

Surely I miss a million things. And since today also happens to be the 600th consecutive day away from home (2nd summer without home Mangoes, damn.),  so a little tribute to every loving thing about there. 1. Philosophy of frugal  Some … Continue reading

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30c3 talks

Among the talks attended, I particularly enjoyed two. The first titled “We have only one earth“. The speaker proposed distributing the human population a little bit beyond the only planet currently populated; namely our Earth! 😉 Reasons cited for doing such an … Continue reading

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30c3, Hamburg

I happened to attend the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg during Christmas break last year. The Congress is the annual meet of Chaos computers clubs throughout Europe and its a hacker event. It is a 4 day event held in … Continue reading

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things I like about living in Germany

Its been quite over a year now in Germany. I live in a small town in Western part of the country, called Kaiserslautern(KL). Germany has cold climate most part of the year,a little of summer  and rain which can accompany … Continue reading

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