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Shape customizable flex sensors

Hello folks, Last year was super busy with two projects, one of which was building and understanding shape customizable flex sensor designs. We presented and demo’d the work at ACM TEI 2017 in March at Yokohama. A brief walk through of the … Continue reading

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Setting up conductive inkjet printing

Hey folks! I recently setup conductive inkjet printing at my place, and here’s the how-to: What you require: Conductive ink (in my case silver nanoparticle ink) Inkjet printer Syringe and filter (comes with the ink so no need to buy … Continue reading

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Story of Aster as it goes live!

Yo folks! The startup I currently work with is launching a new product, a backpack with integrated lights, for improving visibility of cyclists on roads. The product is called Aster. (whose meaning in earlier times was ‘a star’) The backpack … Continue reading

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Printing Expo, Strasbourg

A few weeks ago, we were in Strasbourg and there were a lot of events happening in the city; one of which was Gutenberg 2014, an exhibition of printing techniques, and it was quite interesting. We have been using different forms … Continue reading

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30c3, Hamburg

I happened to attend the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg during Christmas break last year. The Congress is the annual meet of Chaos computers clubs throughout Europe and its a hacker event. It is a 4 day event held in … Continue reading

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the Silicon Valley story

I think it might be a good time to tell this one.. A few months ago we had someone from Silicon Valley at our University and he gave a talk “Silicon Valley : Origin, Present & Future“. The speaker, was … Continue reading

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Wisdom from ‘Embedded Intelligence’ class

Last semester, I took the class on “Embedded Intelligence” with Prof. Lukowicz. It was the first offering of the course, since the group has moved recently from Passau to DFKI,Kaiserslautern. It was relatively a newer area of technology for me … Continue reading

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