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Light of humanity

This incident happened a couple of months back, when I had just moved to Bangalore. Sometimes, I would commute with the city buses to work. I would have to change a  bus in between the route to reach work and similarly two buses … Continue reading

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the home coming..

I am flying home tonight after a long stretch of 850 days.. came to Germany for my master degree and going home after completing it.. 🙂 It has been an incredible journey and taught many many lessons.. and as this … Continue reading

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let’s switch our jobs!

So the idea is that the brain and the body should be in good co-ordination, for a healthy living.This is for a simple reason that we are both,the brain and the body, and not just one of these..and so we … Continue reading

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2 years in Germany!

2 years ago, on this very day, I landed in Germany..Somehow today reminds me of the day when we had our counselling session at NIT,Surat sometime in July 2007, when we began our undergrad lessons there. We were a bunch of … Continue reading

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Neuroscience happens to be one of my favorite areas of sciences, other favorite being Physics. I attended a couple of interesting schools related to the area a while ago, and I keep coming back to thinking about the questions posed … Continue reading

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things I miss about India

Surely I miss a million things. And since today also happens to be the 600th consecutive day away from home (2nd summer without home Mangoes, damn.),  so a little tribute to every loving thing about there. 1. Philosophy of frugal  Some … Continue reading

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when do we jump!

a reshared story.. quite relevant.. Human Beings and frogs are the two creatures in nature who have tremendous power to adjust… Put a frog in a vessel of water and start heating the water…As the temperature of the water rises, … Continue reading

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