Currently writing algorithms at Ather Energy, an Electric Vehicle startup in Bangalore, prior to which I was writing algorithms at Lumos, a wearable tech startup in Bangalore again, focused on bicyclists..prior to which I worked on developing printed flexible sensors at Human Computer Interaction group in Saarbruecken, Germany..prior to which I graduated with Master Degree in Embedded Systems from University of Kaiserslautern, Germany in December 2014..prior to which I graduated from NIT, Surat (INDIA) in 2011..

Blah Blah.. :

feels that if change has to come, it is through Education.. n so wants to start a school in near future.. 

feels blessed to be born in a diverse land as India..

Loves Trekking,Traveling, Photography, Basic Sciences and experimentation..  Music , Basketball ..







  1. Hi ! Nirzaree, nice meeting you today during our journey from ahmedabad,rajkot to Jamnagar.
    And again,while surfing,I came across your interesting blog. So,I could not resist myself to say a nice hello to you.

      1. Can we meet you & your family for a while at Rajkot during our journey back from Jamnagar to Vadodara on 14-02-2015 ?

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