Light of humanity

This incident happened a couple of months back, when I had just moved to Bangalore. Sometimes, I would commute with the city buses to work. I would have to change a  bus in between the route to reach work and similarly two buses for the way back home.

It was a rainy evening and the final bus to home was quite packed with passengers.I was returning after a long day, taking accidental short naps in between.  As the bus arrived at the stop, I got down hurriedly,crossed the road and started towards home.

Just then, I realized my phone was missing from the pocket. Thinking it might be in the jacket or the bag, I searched quickly but couldn’t find it. I thought to go home, and check thoroughly first, so ran to home.  After all the search, couldn’t find it anywhere. I was sure I left it in the bus, as I remembered using it there. With another phone , I called my number and it was ringing but no one responded. I realized that it was on vibrate mode, and in the crowded bus would have been hard to hear for anyone.

In the next minutes, we took a rickshaw to the bus’ final stop hoping we could catch the bus somewhere and by some chance find the phone. Given that it was recently bought and relatively expensive, I couldn’t think of losing it.

We kept calling and around the third attempt, a lady responded. It was a huge relief… I asked her where she was and that I was coming to collect the belonging. She said she is at some bus stop with the phone and that I should reach there soon. It took us about fifteen minutes to reach the exact place, there she was..waiting in the rain. It was my irresponsibility of having left it at the seat and I couldn’t have blamed if I didn’t get it back. The lady said she saw the phone on the seat after I left, and thought if unattended could be claimed by someone else (which nearly happened too). So she stepped in to return it back. I got my well-deserved bit of thrashing for the carelessness. I hugged her and thanked her for the efforts and returned home happily.

To all the beautiful people everywhere.. unknown, unsung.. for their little deeds of goodness & righteousness..

to all the little goodness around...
what is Diwali after all.. if not spreading some goodness.. =)  





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