Mini Maker Faire, Bengaluru

On October 15th was the first edition of  mini maker faire in Bangalore, and a few friends and I happened to visit it. It was a nice event showcasing fun projects built by children and adults as individuals or teams.

One of the first projects I saw was by a team of 2 students,who were part of a club ‘Idea Lab’ in a local science museum (VITM).  Their idea was to use Turmeric  as a bio-pesticide instead of the usual chemical one, for several plant varieties. They had conducted studies on a few plants (Pea,Rice etc.) and found that spraying a liquid mix of water and turmeric was repelling for the pests. The newer leaves that sprouted after spraying the mix were less affected by the pests. The solution was cost effective and organic too.

Turmeric as Bio-pesticide
Turmeric as Bio-pesticide

Quite a good idea; definitely something to investigate further into.

Another fun project was called ‘Digital Reconstruction of Dussasana Vadham‘. The idea was to animate a physical object by projecting information onto it. In this case, animating a 3D model of a Kathakali Dancer’s face to tell a story through expressions.

The motivation behind the work as told by the maker was that not as many people might have seen a live Kathakali performance. Through this digital storytelling, he could reach out to a lot more folks.

Animate any structure to tell a story!
(L) The 3D structure of face of a Kathakali Dancer (R) Projected Image on the structure

We could animate so many things around like this!

Another interesting work was quite high-tech and of much more utility too. Built by a team of researchers at IISc, Bangalore was a low cost, portable nano-particle synthesizer. The setup utilized microfluidics to instantaneously synthesize metal nanoparticles, which could be used in a variety of sensing scenarios.



An example scenario was melamine detection in milk, for which the existing prototype costs a lot and therefore is not prevalent. The proposed solution would be super cheap and accurate too.

Scaled versions of Rail locomotives

Some highly industrious work was done by a Railway locomotive fan from the city. He has been building scaled models of railway locomotive out of recycled paper since many many years. His models are complete physical replicas of their original counterparts, containing the exact same number of components too.

Patience poured in..
Just do it! :D
Just do it! 😀

Among other popular projects were a rope fountain demo and boombox karaoke by a team of designers from the town, some cool prototypes of pinhole camera and an led display watch.

Accompanying them were the usual clan of 3D printers, quadcopters, electronics prototyping kits and others…

Clockwise from top: Karaoke on Solar powered music player, Pin-hole cameras and LED matrix display Watch
Clockwise from top:
Karaoke on Solar powered music player, Pin-hole cameras and LED matrix display Watch
Maker Faire2
Some interesting 3D prints

Was a fun afternoon.

Kudos to all makers! 🙂

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