Lake Constance and around

After a long interval, there was a little bit of travel a month ago..  happened to be around the region around Lake Constance in Austria and Germany. The entire region is quite beautiful, especially it was Spring then, when everything comes to life. 🙂

The trip began with Austria, in the towns of Dornbirn and short trip to Bregenz and Feldkirch followed by the German side of the lake, in the towns Lindau, Kressbronn, Markdorf and Friedrichshafen..

Beginning from Austria..  Bregenz is a nice town by the lakeside, and is capital of the Vorarlberg state of Austria. It has a nice art festival each year (Bregenzefestspiele) around July-August when people from around the region come to enjoy the music and theater plays.  I stayed in the bigger town Dornbirn, in the same state, which was also quite nice..

Bregenz, Austria
Dornbirn, Austria
Bregenz town..
the text translates to ” From apprentice to Master” (somewhere in Bregenz town)

Now coming to Germany, Lindau has the lakeside just outside the main train station and so a nice place to sit or take a stroll. At a short distance to Lindau is the village of Kressbronn, where I was hosted by a wonderful couple. We went to a concert of a Polish all-girls band in the neighboring town and had dinner together.  Such friendly and kind people they were!

The next day was at Markdorf and Friedrichshafen. Friedsrichshafen is a totally amazing place , with again lakeside just outside the main train station. Some old friends came to meet so it was even more fun. We took a boat ride (‘Hello Kitty’ was our boat :D, as chosen by the boys ) in the Lake, and saw (for the first time!) airships (Zeppelin) floating across the sky and spent the rest of the time just sitting at the Lakeside..

I would say Europe is a place to be in Spring, even more than Summer.

To happy travels! Enjoy!

at some shop in Lindau..
hello Beautiful!
hello Beautiful!
Friedrichshafen Lakeside
Friedrichshafen Lakeside
Sea shells!
See you again!
See you again, Lake Constance!

[Thanks Viru for your camera!]


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