Beautiful Belgium

A few weekends ago, I was in Belgium with some friends. It was our first visit in the country though we study not too far from there.

We visited 3 places; the capital Brussels and two other towns, Ghent & Bruges, and here’s what I liked the most about them:

Comic Art cult

So Belgium boasts of having the highest density of comic artists in the world! There are university degrees offered for this area 🙂 and Tintin and Smurfs are some of the creations from Belgium.

Tin tin art somewhere in Brussels
Tintin art somewhere in Brussels
so very cute! =) somewhere in Ghent..

We get to see a lot of graffiti elsewhere in Europe but Belgium definitely has more cute art around its walls.

the beautiful exteriors!

Frankly we didn’t expect Belgium to have much different architecture than its neighbors.. but it really is nicely different.

The houses are colored brightly and many of them have a staircase shaped front which looks nice.


houses in Bruges..
market place in Bruges..
what a beautiful Blue!
what a beautiful Blue!


Towns like Bruges have a medieval look and it is so pretty..

Bruges to you, folks!
Bruges to you, folks

and the beautiful interiors

Not just the outsides, their sense of interior design is also very nice. In each shop, we found uniquely designed mannequins and a different sense of style.


travellers' bar..
travellers’ bar..
Valentine's Day theme all over! =)
Valentine’s Day theme all over! =)

and how can we forget their sense of beautiful chocolate styling! 🙂

hammer 'em down!
hammer ’em all down!

Music on the Streets

This might singularly refer to Bruges but the music we heard on the streets there was just out of the world. The artist played fusion music using a hand pan (heard about it the first time there!) and a really long pipe like instrument (a Didgeridoo) accompanied by a Shruti box and some Ghunghroos! 🙂 We got a pleasant surprise when we saw the Indian musical instruments among his repertoire of tools.  Probably, Good music comes when combining some bits from everywhere! =)

His channel if you might want check out a little.

the music that takes you somewhere above..
the music that takes you somewhere far..


Do not forget to also try out Cuberdones in Ghent.. It was something really different.. plus it was vegetarian.. plus the vendor we met was a very nice person..

It is basically a cone shaped candy which is hard outside and fluidy inside and is fruit flavored.. Also it stays great until about 3 weeks, so pack some along for the journey..

yumm yummm..
yumm yummm..

Everything else

  • Potato fries come from Belgium as we got to know, but they are fried mostly in animal fat, so vegetarians be careful. Waffles are nice and soft, and the authentic ones are topped with just plain sugar and nothing more. U shud try them out! 🙂
  • Every 3rd shop at all places we were was a chocolate shop, so we ended up just drooling at their beautiful chocolate creations. We spent all our time trying to search for the most authentic chocolates and ended up with nothing in hand! 😛 Maybe one more trip just for chocolates..
  • Belgian railways is comparatively cheaper and is particularly generous to youth < 26 (so travel b4 u turn 26!)
  • Weekend tickets are usually at 50% discount so try to plan the travel accordingly.
  • Take a USE-IT map for all places you visit. It is super cool and offers super local information for free! (thanks for finding ’em, Viru)
  • The best way to travel within the country is by trains and within the cities by walk..

It was a great trip in the tiny country and we look forward to another trip there sometime.

Belgium, indeed..
Belgium, indeed.. (Clockwise from left: A store name we came across, the Belgian waffle,  USE-IT info maps, postcards made with lace designs)

Happy Travels folks! Spring is here!



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