let’s switch our jobs!

So the idea is that the brain and the body should be in good co-ordination, for a healthy living.This is for a simple reason that we are both,the brain and the body, and not just one of these..and so we better make sure that both are in good terms.

Most of the species in the animal kingdom seem to follow this regime quite intuitively, and we hear of less cases of being couch potatoes or falling sick too often from them; except for the human species who have some concerns.

So lets have a look at the kinds of work that our human world consists of:

We have sports where one’s physical fitness and dexterity is tested… and then we have arts including music, dancing, drama, painting, poetry and a lot other forms and they require one to be creative among other things. We have the sciences from physics to life sciences to social sciences where one needs to be primarily a  good observer and understand the underlying phenomenon and then we have the workshop techniques where one needs to be good at handcrafting and applying different concepts to build stuff and a lot of other professions including agriculture  and administrative jobs and a lot lot more..

What we might observe that is that each kind of work requires a particular type of skill and when one practices the work more often, one becomes more skillful..which is nice. But what we might also realize is that somehow most of the jobs use the physical and mental faculties quite disproportionately.For example: jobs in the domain of household are more physically stressing  and academic jobs require more desk sitting. And also so it happens that quite a large fraction of us might do the same assigned job for years together, some might do it for their entire career lifetime.

So how about if we had a mechanism to switch our jobs from time to time? (or say more practically switching for a little time from our main jobs?)

Lets begin in a home environment. That the roles between mamma, papa, children and the elderly are switched for one day a week, and so the tasks of cooking to looking after the shopping list to cleaning the home are assigned randomly to everyone. It might already be a good exercise to know how the whole home runs! =)

Next would be at the level of an Institution. If it were an educational one, we might definitely try to inculcate a Gurukul  system for the students where along with academic skills, they would also learn how to cook food and keep their surroundings in order. Apart from that, switching the roles between the students and the teachers for a while and also every member of the institute taking the role of the head of the institute for a day during the year might bring in newer ideas and a sense of responsibility in each and everyone, wouldn’t it!

So be it!
So be it!












If it were a corporate institute, it would require  everyone to spend some time in different positions once a while.

At a more larger scale of a city or a state within a country, it would be more diverse multiplexing and we could go to do some different work which would be in a different place too.

So it might be possible that probably depending on the climatic conditions of a land, the kinds of jobs developed might relatively be similar,say more warmer countries might have more agriculture and so more work related to that while colder climatic conditions might need more industrial and technological work to survive in the ecosystem. So we would then consider exchange across countries. Apart from doing something different, just relocating oneself to a faraway place might bring new learning related to languages and cultures.  It would be a more substantial experience than simply travelling to a new country though.By being in different places, we might realize how each location and her people add to the total diversity that our planet consists of, and make friends from all over the globe!

Zooming in back to the individual, one could definitely start off by making sure to do a bit of both,work which requires brains and which needs brawn. Develop different hobbies and make sure to keep the balance of health well.

So in summary the advantages of switching jobs would be:

  • Gaining a new perspective in our work, by doing something entirely different and by collaborating with people from different domains.
  • Letting go of any little pride that we might have gathered doing our work, and by excelling in that.. by realizing how little it is in the domain of all the work that is in the world.. 🙂
  • Since each job comes with its own set of skill set, gain some new skills..
  • Experiencing life in many more dimensions than before..

so imagine a future where an industrialist works on a farm for a month and an artist does an internship in a biology lab and a technician goes to a music school..

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A more balanced and playful globe! (Ok, once we find life outside earth, we will think about planet hopping too!)

Happy Diwali Folks! Oct 23,2014 




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