2 years in Germany!

2 years ago, on this very day, I landed in Germany..Somehow today reminds me of the day when we had our counselling session at NIT,Surat sometime in July 2007, when we began our undergrad lessons there. We were a bunch of anxious 18 year olds, most of us away from our homes for the first time, looking forward to the 4 years of life that we were to live at this new place. 

Just after a week of our beginning of the first semester, we had a counselling session and we were told a wonderful story by Mr. Mahesh, who was also an alumni of the Institute and was conducting the session. 

The story was about 3 types of people put in a new environment. He said a new environment is like boiling water. Some type of people are like carrots. Quite hard and strong before we put them in boiling water. Once they are put in the water, they become softer.

Then there are people who are like eggs. The egg is soft inside before it is boiled, but when it is boiled, it becomes hard. (Never boiled an egg myself, but seems it happens so.) 

And finally there are people like tea leaves. When put in boiling water, they put their aroma in the water. 

He said the carrot kinda people are those who are strong earlier but after being put in a new environment, they give in to the situation, loosing their sense of self. The egg type of people are those are nice and fun on their own who but when put in the new environment go isolated and don’t mix at all. 

Whereas the tea leaves kind of people make the new place their home and add their fragrance among the place and people they are now. 

We choose what kind of people we would like to be, when we are put into boiling water.  Hopefully, the third type, each time.. 🙂 

It was such an inspirational story then and now too.. while now,I am a couple of thousand kilometers away from home than back in Surat where I was a couple of hundred kilometers away, and that I stayed with friends who came from different states of India vs. now where they are from different countries.. it is the same situation, just on a different scale.. 

All those lines of the session just seem like yesterday, the motivation they gave and the anxiety about what shall be next, also similar.. Do we really grow up? I ask myself.. Only if we choose to, I think! 

New places and people awaiting, now again.. 🙂 



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