Venice trip

July was a month of some travel and we were in Venice too for a day. During my first trip there, I missed out the visit to the neighboring Island of Murano and its glass factories. This time as soon as we reached Venice, we took the water bus towards Murano. Alas, it was evening time and the factories were closed for visit and we missed it this time too![Factories are open for visit from morning hours until around early evening. So plan accordingly!]

Venice and the neighboring islands have been known for glass works since a long time. The glass-makers there use different techniques to make distinctive patterns on the objects.

earrings with Murrine pattern..
Mille-fiori (million flowers) pattern earrings

But then as we walked around a bit of Venice in the remaining time, we got to see some torchworking, as it is called; or making of small glass objects using a torch and colored glass sticks. The shopkeepers were kind enough to answer all my curious questions and let us have a look around how they made those objects.

Apart from the torch with its stand and the special type of glass sticks which they needed (they said, of all the glass manufacturers in Venice, only 1 produced the kind of thin glass sticks that were required for them), they had some tools to clamp and give the required shape to the molten glass. When the glass softened,it was amazing to see how it could be molded into any shape..

workplace:  Colored glass sticks, torch
the workplace
an object under creation
an object in the making
and a beautiful one! :)
and look what he made.. 🙂
sooo cute!!
freshly made lil elephants! =)
and many more to see..
and many more artifacts to see..

Apart from glass objects, Venetian masks are also quite unique. There are lots of shops in the town completely dedicated for costumes and masks of different designs, and they are quite spectacular.

[Watch out for the imported plastic masks at reduced prices when buying. Venetian masks would be a bit expensive but then wouldn’t be plastic ones.]



Venice is fun to walk around, from Piazzale Roma upto the Rialto Bridge through the small streets and bridges.. and the small shops and the gelaterias..

Until some other trip back there..

Ciao Venezia!




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