30c3 talks

Among the talks attended, I particularly enjoyed two. The first titled “We have only one earth“. The speaker proposed distributing the human population a little bit beyond the only planet currently populated; namely our Earth! 😉

Reasons cited for doing such an interstellar space travel were depleting natural resources on Earth, threat of nuclear war,… amongst others.

Solutions suggested for these problems were mainly either Tree hugging (stopping all bad things we do to our planet) vs exploring more of the universe.

While the talk is already available to watch online, I might describe a bit of the discussion that followed.

A lady from the audience asked what gave us the right to exploit one planet and just leave! And what guarantee might we have that we didn’t repeat the same on another planet!  It was indeed a philosophical question and I was also thinking on similar lines after the talk, when someone from the audience said : Australia started as a colony of criminals! .. to which someone else replied : and we are doing fine..  😉

Someone else then said that if we were so pessimistic, we could do nothing as nothing would matter to us anyway!

Given that the yin and yang are within us, everything we do is a manifestation of the contradiction within anyway, isn’t it.. so lets explore!  =)

The other talk was titled Coding your body and was given by a  physiotherapist. It was  about having awareness about our body in this age of long hours desk-sitting habits.

The speaker said one might consult someone who actually knew about the body than just googling about any kind of medical condition.  Again since the talk is already available to watch online,some interesting discussion. Someone asked, given the thousands of settings available on modern chairs which one would be a generally suitable setting.. To which she replied that one might want to sit on the most uncomfortable chair just so that one is forced to stand up every once in a while. 🙂

the venue with the 30c3 Icon
the venue with the 30c3 Icon



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