30c3, Hamburg

I happened to attend the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg during Christmas break last year.

  • The Congress is the annual meet of Chaos computers clubs throughout Europe and its a hacker event.
  • It is a 4 day event held in Hamburg from 27th to 30th Dec., and 2013 was the 30th year for the congress.

The opening event  was quite cool.

The speaker began with the words:

30 years ago, we were a small group of people… whose advise… was mostly ignored, and today we are… a large group of people whose advise is still…..  mostly ignored..”  😛


some interesting slides from the opening event:

This year's motto!
This year’s motto!

So the 4 day event included lectures and assemblies (kinda hands-on workshop) on various areas of science and technology.

Most of the lectures in the hardware and making track were delivered by eminent reverse engineers 😉 of different specializations, including how to hack an SD card to a Wii console to FPGAs to an SLR Camera! [so of course, if you were looking for an introduction to some piece of hardware/technology, this was clearly not the event. 🙂 ]

Around the venue one would find cool flyers, such as the one below!


Apart from attending the talks (more about them later), we did some super cool light painting with a pixel stick , had a chance to try Google Glasses, played with circuit stickers (printed electronics is going to be super interesting!), sat on a bike with virtual reality head gear (was too heavy though! :P) and enjoyed the atmosphere full of 3D printers,cool displays, screen printing of tshirts and all!

3D printing everywhere!
3D printing everywhere!


flip dot displays!
flip dot displays!

The congress is a completely volunteered event and invites no external funding which makes it unique. (More about its organization in some other post someday). All the talks and the contents are available at the wiki site.

Hamburg is a nice city too.. went to the Harbor  and the city center and a few other places .. was fun!

harbor, Hamburg
harbor, Hamburg

Spring is here now.. happy days ahead! Until later.. 🙂

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