Time for B’day presents! =)

2 days ago, I received a packet from Farnell.. and I started wondering when did I order some Electronics recently!

Just then I saw a Raspberry Pi popping out,  a gift all the way from USA!! Thank you so much Ruts! 😀  

It was such a pleasant surprise.

geeky gift from my geeky Sis! :)

geeky gift from my geeky Sis!

This would definitely get me back on track with some serious DIY! =)

……And then I received a big packet all the way from home.. from ones who are as delighted on my every birthday as they were on the first! 🙂 

From my lil favorite things to home delicacies to some cutie trip souvenirs , they packed it all..

Bday special from home!!

Bday special from home!!

Feeling so special!

Gotta get back to work now..  tschüss alles!


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