LCL Class!

Life’s been more awesome since the online class  Learning Creative Learning started. Its being offered by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Lab,MIT.

So what is so gr8 about the course?

  • U can take the class along with group of ur friends!! All activities r discussed among the group and every group posts their activity in the G+ Community.

Every week, a theme is decided, and readings and activity are posted. Also, a panel discussion related to the topic takes place along with some awesome people! 

It is a course for everybody interested in Learning! 🙂

I signed up for the course along with 2 other friends Since we all r in different time zones,  every weekend happens a hangout for some discussions and it is super fun!


Weekly Hangouts!
Weekly Hangouts!

We share our thoughts about Education to Startups (to some future Startup of our own ;)) to Technology to India… we all await weekends!

My favorites in the course until now have been the views of Joi Ito and Richard Stallman and the panel discussion with  Leah Buechley & Dale Dougherty.

Awaiting more awesomeness ahead! \m/

Happy Learning everyone!


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