Fixing an Optical USB mouse

Well, I had this optical mouse that I got with my laptop a few years back. I wasn’t really using it much, except for last summer. Again, put it somewhere until I realized how slowly was I hovering over my screen through the touchpad of the laptop. The external mouse would definitely be faster.

But this old mouse wouldn’t work now or even show its annoying red light. 😛

So opened it up.

inside out of the optical mouse

I  found that at the LED terminals, inspite of the available 5V, the LED doesnt glow.

Checked it using another blue led at the same terminals.

a blue led glowing at the LED terminals

So replaced the led with another yellowish-orange one, thinking its closer to the wavelength of the previous red one, than the blue led would be.

Led replaced with a yellowish orange one

I hoped there were no other issues with the mouse.  Tried this fix and the mouse seemed to be working. But not as accurately. It would move a little on the screen wen I moved it a lot more.

Got a new mouse then, thinking there were other issues. The new mouse, also had a bright red glow! Realized there’s  no getting away from the red. :-/

new mouse
[Intex : Black Mamba]

Went to the electronics store, and got the brightest of the red led!

whoz the brightest of all ?!

Put the brighter one in place of the yellow, and it works very well! 🙂

Fixed! 🙂
back to work.

So the new mouse can take rest until this one wears out! 🙂

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