D.I.Y. Laptop Stands

A Laptop stand has helped cure my ailing laptop, which used to get heated a lot.

The hot air needs better vents, thats all. If you add an extra DC fan, it is party-time for the lapi. 🙂

Here’s a pictorial walk-through the 3 kinds that I have now.

  • All the designs are built using MDF
  • The MDF cutting was done using a bandsaw [at a friend’s woodworking shop]



first experience on woodworking.. Neat huh! 😉
Side View
Happy Lapi!



The design for this stand was done by a friend of mine, in whose shop we would do all these projects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Features of version 1.1 :

  • Cooling due to the fan
  • Foldable



Now comes the minimalist of all designs! \m/

Cooling Pad 1.2

..though what I thought should be the next was a spring mechanism in folding, but what my friend thought was this one.

It needs a little screwing-unscrewing everytime.. 😉 until we think of some better design..

Pulled apart
In Style!

Happy D.I.Y.ing fellas!


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