stuff I ‘ve been making..

Well, I did plan to write full length instructables on all these, bt havnt got time to write them in details..

so just a brief trip on  things I have made recently..

  • Edge lit acrylic displays!        \m/

With a few experiments, making edge lit displays is now a cakewalk! 🙂

Saw this wonderful instructable [was even more inspired by the pics ppl hav put up as comments]n wanted to make similar displays..

Here s my earliest attempt on building one..

1st display.. [wid my n sis’ nick names.. ;)]
During the 1st trial, we were a lil skeptic on how long should we let the drill stay at a particular location for the necessary amount of engraving.. without the drill coming through the acrylic piece..  😉

so we ended up jus roughening the surface without ny actual engraving..

But in the next one, we kept the drill stationary [by mounting it on a router table], made a wooden stencil for the display n then let the drill do its work without us worrying about nythin..

stencils for the next display [cuzins’ nick names.. ;)]
lit up display! 🙂 [with a nice base]
Tried different engraving techniques and now have come up with an easy,quick one..

[would post the videos soon]

Tools n materials required :

Clear acrylic sheet,

Drill [u can choose from a variety of drill bits, I chose a V shaped bit]

a router table [to mount the drill below]

So grab a friend who has woodworking tools [jus like I did 😉 ], and start making ur own displays!

Shall post in detail about all kinda engraving techniques dat I tried..  🙂


  • Laptop cooling pad

My laptop sometimes heats  up like an oven and is difficult to work with.. So made a cooling pad out of wood..

here s the version1.0

used a toy motor attached with a propeller but it consumes a lot of current.. so finally removed it.. to replace it with the standard cooling fan.

The next version is a foldable one which is more portable.. [pics nt available now]

But the laptop definitely is in better health now!   🙂


  • Helping hand

Wanted to make something to hold on stuff while soldering n other general purposes..

Made it out of coolant hose n connectors..

Design inspiration :

3 arms : 2 for alligator clips n one for lens


a pcb held using d hand..


Havnt yet changed the connectors [alligator clips]for other purposes, but they cud b replaced by others for specific uses..

Happy!   🙂


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