Workshop : “Introduction to Arduino + Problem Solving” – April 28,29

Last week, I along with a few friends conducted an introductory workshop on Arduino n problem solving..

All the participants got an Arduino Uno board n we did some cool projects..  The participants were school students full of enthusiasm n ideas..

We also saw a few videos on emerging technologies  n discussed their impact on our lives..

Also we briefly discussed on the problems around and discussed how to solve them..

Overall, it was fun filled 2 days! 🙂

the venue..
Vihaan tweaking the multimeter
Atman & I making his interactive robot..
the Robot lukd like this

n this is how it works :

Interactive Robot wall art

everyones’ Acrylic Edge lit displays..
the participants n d team..


The participants came up with ideas of what kinda technology would they like to have around them..

  • The tiny one from the group, Arnav, wants to control things around him without going to switches.  He wants to have  something which can drop down his blanket wen he is tired n is sitting on the bed. He would just clap n control the devices.
Clap Controlled world.. [Idea : Arnav]
  • Atman said he would like to have displays that can b controlled by voice commands. Meaning that they can display things that u speak. 🙂

    Atman’s idea. 🙂
  • Raahish had a different idea. He wants to embed a treadmill with google street view. Yeah, while u work out, u can have a trip around ur favorite cities of the world. The number of steps u walk on ur mill would b equal to virtually walkin through those streets..  \m/

    Raahish’s treadmill!

Keep thinking. Keep making.Be awesome!

Adios for now folks!



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