Interactive wall-piece

Well, this is a tiny subset of the kind of work that I wanna do in a while.. making an interactive wall..  Here, I have tried making an interactive wall art.. which responds to touch by glowing..

No conductive fabrics/threads required.. ! just some aluminum foil used for packing food items..

All you need is a controller board (mine is an Arduino Uno).. though if u want some fixed pattern, then you could simply use momentary switches in a tricky way..  or some other switches.. but if you want to try different controls, use a controller board.

So here are the snapshots of the touch response of the wallpiece.. (in my case, its a window piece though..  😉 )

wall piece

And the video ..  🙂

There are 2 aluminum foils seperated by thin foam with small holes. The 2 foils on pressing get connected.

Shall be posting stepwise making on Instructables soon.. !


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