ANTZ – Techfest 2010, IIT Bombay

We participated in the annual technical festival Techfest of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. We decided to work on the swarm robotics event which was named ANTZ. It was an international robotics event wherein teams from Thailand, Australia and other countries had participated along with participation from the countrywide colleges.

Problem Statement:

The arena consisted of an 8×8 grid. 2 autonomous bots had to be built which would find the white blocks kept on 4 of the junctions and deposit them alternately.

(Not mentioning the rules for dimensions and weight and few other details..)

Our Bot : Here is a video during one of the trials at the event.

Issues :

There were instances when the block slipped out of the bot’s grip, as our gripping wasnt very sturdy, and more importantly, the blocks had a smooth and slippery texture.

We made it till the national finals.

Basic design of our bot
BOTS of all the teams lined up prior to the event..

the Team!

It was a nice experience overall! 🙂

Love ya, team!


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