Sketching ‘Messi’ !

Messi is my icon.. and I admire him a lot…

I ve got a lot of wallpapers of him. One of them is so nice that I decided to sketch that..

so if u r a fan of Messi nd love to sketch too, here are the steps:

  1.  Select a nice detailed and high resolution photo.

In my case, it was this one:


2.  collect all that you need:      Pencils, white sheet, Eraser, Sharpener, cotton cloth.

I had an HB Pencil, one 6H pencil, one 2B pencil & a 4B pencil.  (6H is for lighter tones, and the 2B n 4B for darker tones.. )

3. Draw the outline.   Draw with a light shade pencil (6H in my case) a fade outline of the figure.


4. Start shading from the upper most area of the sketch. In our case, start shading the hair.

shading the hair
Hair Done!

5) Now lets get some life on the face.. Start shading in a light tone on the face in one direction.. Later we would smudge out the shade for a smooth effect, so the direction wont matter..


6) The Eyes:  Once the face is shaded, we start shading the eyes.


7) Once the eyes are done, take a small piece of cotton cloth and carefully smudge the face to get a smooth look. Be careful not to bump into the hair or any other dark shaded areas, which could make the whole face dark…

The jacket is easy to shade.. Take the dark shaded pencil and shade the whole thing..

finally, I got this..

final one!

I plan to show it to messi someday..  😉   =)

Happy Sketchin!  🙂

I shall be posting this on instructables soon!


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