literacy camp at home..

when I was in highschool , we had literacy camps after school hours wherein our teachers and student volunteers taught children who were from a little less privileged background.

We used to have a lot of fun with those kids..Occasionally, I meet some of them who have now grown so tall and are into different occupations.

After the Diwali break, I wanted to start something for children around my locality..

so one afternoon, I went on my bicycle around the locality to find children who would want to come along to my place and learn something.

Few little girls happily joined in and we sit in the afternoons after the lunch, for an hour or so, and talk and swing and draw and tell stories and learn to read & write Gujarati…  🙂

Few snaps that I took on the day we  had a drawing class :

Drawing a Toy Car


lil hands at work..

Drawing Class!

It was a nice noon, when children drew a toy car which was in front of them a nd another picture of their choice.  🙂


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