the conference experience

We recently attended a conference from Jan2- Jan 5 related to our B.Tech Project. .  It was a wonderful experience..

The conference was titled: “Yog for health & Social transformation ” A lot of medicos & techies interested/doing research in Yog attended the conference.

The venue was Patanjali Yogpeeth situated between Roorkee & Haridwar. It is a wonderful place.. The weather, the greenery in the surroundings is heavenly..

We met a lot of people whose research interests & work was similar to our work. We met 2 wonderful people, Arnaud & Rosanna! Arnaud is the author of EEGLab toolbox of Matlab, used for processing the EEG Data. Both of them luv India & are Yog enthusiasts too..!

Also we met a team from the Biomedical Engineering Program jointly run by IIT-Delhi & AIIMS,Delhi who had come to present at the conference. They are doing wonderful research back there..  Prof. Sneh Anand presented the work. We met Prof. Chhaya & other research students in the Biomed program..   🙂

The conference aimed at the current research going on Yog as a cure in several disorders.. We were just awwed by the experiments conducted & the wonderful results that were obtained in several disorders.

Every morning began with a 1.5 hour long Yog session, from 6am to 7.30am. It was a lil difficult in the cold but as mom was with us, we used to wake up & reach on time! 🙂

We had a chance to visit an ashram at Rishikesh where Arnaud does some part of his research. It was a beautiful place again! Totally loved it..

I am passionate about Yog, practice it everyday, believe that Yog will rejuvenate the domain of health in the future..

Me and Ruta with Arnaud








We and Rosanna! 🙂 🙂









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